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CAA prix 5 diamants

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Tradition & Contemporain around The Sea and The Ground

 Menu prepared for every guest at the  table - 109.$/pers. & Wine pairing – 97.$


Mise en appétit

Marinated flounder fish en lamelles–  salsifis and fennel, oysters concassées, oysters juice garden lovage



Terrine of foie gras   

Cream of foie gras, hypocras jelly, célery and quince, crispy dried milk



Char from Charlevoix and shrimp

Soubise, onions juice with cari leave, Jerusalem artichoke, King and Brussels



Duckling breast roasted -  red cabbage and chestnuts, turnip sauce Périgueux


Main course

Veal medaillon

Mushrooms fricassée, potato croquette and dried shallot, Albuféra sauce with sorrel



Roasted scallops

Sauce vierge lemon salted-pine, big leave spinach and eggs mullet, sauce Noilly



Sweet treat de Jean-Frédérick

L’after dessert

Cheeses from here – piece-7.95 $ et ses accompagnements


The link between you and us- The Culinary Thinking