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CAA prix 5 diamants



Tradition & Contemporain– 99.$ - 6 courses

menu prepared for every guest at the  table

L’accord vin – 89.$/pers.


Char from Charlevoix

 Glazed with buttermilk,  lemon-caviar, mullet eggs, fennel and capucine  



Veal gravlax & foie gras

shitakés compote with mustard seeds, anchovies jelly, salsifis roots and mâche leaves



Scallop and sea urchins cream Maltaise

white armillaires, grilled onion, endive lemon salted  



Roasted duckling breast

Bigarade currents, red beet, cipolini viennoise and celery



Biscuit Dacquoise and trumpets confites

maple caramel and pear, ice cream pepper-liquorice


L’apres dessert


Cheeses from here & elsewhere- 9.$ - at your table


The link between you and us- The Culinary Thinking


   Festival Québec Exquis - 18 avril au 29 avril 2017

Menu around the rabbit and poultry - 50.$


The Tasting menu - 9 courses - 159.$